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Finally - an update!

The website has been neglected, so I decide to come back and add something new to the site.

After an extended absence, I put out a couple of shows this past summer, and I've started rolling out the Christmas shows for this year.? All shows are new and original, and you can hear music that hasn't been ever played on LDS Music Today!

Feel free to tell your friends about the current Christmas shows!? There are three more Christmas shows in the works - the next will be released Friday, December 18, then Tuesday, December 22, and the last Christmas show will be a post-Christmas show on Monday, December 28.

My my family to yours, I wish you the merriest of Christmases and an awesome new year!

And We're Back!

Merry Christmas!

LDS Music Today is back with a brand new show for Christmas. After an extended absence and a few false starts, I am happy to share a brand new show with you, chock full of awesome Christmas music!

As I stated on the show, I was putting together a list of songs to play in the Christmas shows this year. Well, for some reason, I was thinking I had six shows for Christmas, so I chose around 12 songs per show, double the normal number of songs per show. Then I started placing the songs in the various weeks, and had many songs left over. I had a "V8 Moment" and realized I am only producing 5 Christmas shows, not 6. The good news is that instead of dumping the extra songs, I'm putting them in anyway. So this week you get to hear 15 Christmas songs in one podcast - that's nearly one full hour of back-to-back music without hearing me talking in between songs. :-)

I think I've got 15 songs for the next three shows all leading up to Christmas, and then it looks like we'll have 12 songs for the show after Christmas, but still keeping a Christmas theme.

I appreciate your support over the many years that LDS Music Today has been podcasting great music, and I'm glad you're still with us now. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to contact me here or on our Facebook page at If you want your voice played on the show, you can even leave me a shout-out/voice mail at 720 281-9745 - be sure to leave your name if you leave a voice mail so I know who to give the shout out to on an upcoming show!

From my family to yours, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season filled with joy and happiness!

PS - when I told my daughter Katie about having 15 songs in the show, she said "Go big or go home!" I totally agree! :-)

Show 144 Contest And YouTube

Welcome to LDS Music Today!

I released Show 144 this week, and two goodies along with it.? First, in the show, I mentioned a contest, but you have to listen to the show to find out about it.? I'll give you a hint - if you like free music, listen to the show!? Second, I've decided to add a new source where you can find the show.? You can "see" the show on YouTube at Keep in mind this is the first "video" I've produced, so it is all new to me, and not nearly as polished as you may expect.? I'm hoping that either someone more talented in the video arena will step up and offer to create the video podcast or that as time goes on, I will learn more about video creation and be able to create more esthetically pleasing videos for the podcast.

As always, if you have questions about, suggestions, or ideas for the show, email me via the contact link on this page, at Facebook via the Podcast page at, or leave a comment at YouTube at I have several ideas for things I'd like to do with the show, but not enough time to implement them.? So, if you're interested in helping out, either publicly or behind the scenes, let me know.

I'm Catching Up!

First....the big news....


On Sunday, July 1, 2012 at 9:19 AM Eastern time, Lia Ashley Meeves entered the world weighing in at 9 pounds 1 ounce and measuring 21 inches. Check out my facebook page at to see some pictures I've posted. If you're not a friend yet, just send a request and I'll add you so you can see my beautiful grandbaby!

In podcast news, I've updated the website with the latest show notes, and I've made all the old show notes available as archives, so you can go back to September of 2005 to see Matt Armstrong's show notes from when the show was brand new, if you'd like.? I haven't mailed out the missing show notes yet, but I'll be doing that soon.

I just posted the download stats for the show, and it looks like many people were anxious to hear Matt Mylroie's interview show - it got over 2,000 downloads!? I have a download stats page here you can look at if you're interested in seeing how many times each show gets downloaded.? I may start including downloads in the show notes, we'll have to see.

In looking over Matt Armstrong's show notes, I have some ideas for changes to my current show notes, so stay tuned and let me know if you like the changes.? If you have suggestions for website, Facebook, or podcast changes, feel free to let me know - I'm always open to ideas on how to make things better.

Have you ever wanted your voice heard around the world?? Well now you can make that desire a reality.? You can leave me a voice mail shout out, and I just may play it on an upcoming show.? You can call me at 720 281 9745 (in the US - if you are international, you'll have to use the international calling process) and leave a voice mail - I get these voice mails on my computer, so it will be easy to put them on the podcast.

I have been super busy lately, but I promise to try and keep everything updated on the website and show notes.? If you're able and want to help out, I always have things that people can help me with, either on a long-term basis or just every now and then.? You won't have to record anything (unless you really want to!).? I have a lot of grand ideas for the show and the website, but precious little time to get everything accomplished.

I hope you and your loved ones stay safe in the midst of all the calamities that seem to be going on right now (fires, floods, severe weather, etc).? And please remember those in harms way and those working to protect us in your prayers.? Also, as Independence Day approaches, please keep our armed forces men and women and their families in your prayers.

Catching Up

Who knew life could get so busy???

I hope you all had a good Easter, and enjoyed General Conference.  I know our family did!  We visited with family in a city about an hour north of where we live on Easter.  The weather was great, and we had a fun Easter egg hunt in the back yard.  It's worth noting that the ages of the egg hunters range from 12 to 21.  And we had about 7 dozen eggs to hide.  My wife and her sister love to make tons of eggs, and my kids love dying them.  As a joke, my brother-in-law said we should hide the six egg containers in lieu of hiding each egg individually.  His yard didn't provide a lot of good hiding places, so I sort of took him up on the idea, and hid two of my four dozen in their containers.  It's funny that these two dozen were the last ones to be found.  I guess I found a really good hiding place for them.  (It helps to hide them where there may be spiders, since all the hunters are girls.) :-)

My missionary daughter in Chile is having a great time and is having lots of success.  She is in her fourth area, and was recently made a trainer, so she has a new greenie (they call them "hijas", which is Spanish for "daughters") and her "hija" is from Argentina.  Jessica writes that her compie talks as much as Jessie does, which is A LOT!  So I guess they're a perfect companionship. :-)  Fall is falling in Chile, and since she's in the furthest south mission of Chile (and furthest south in the world, as a matter of fact), it's started getting cold already.  Her city rarely sees snow, because it's very close to the ocean (as is almost every city in Chile!), but it gets cold and rainy.  And those of you who have spent a winter in humidity, you know that the cold goes right through you!  Anyway, she's become a master fire starter, since their homes are heated by wood-burning stoves.  You can read her blog that I set up for her at  She's even got lots of pictures there for you to see.  If you like writing to missionaries, her address is:

Hermana Jessica Larsen
Chile Osorno Mission
Casilla 7-0
Osorno, Chile

My second daughter, Megan, is a freshman at the University of Colorado in Boulder, studying international business management, and was on the Dean's List for the first semester.  It looks like she'll make it for the second semester as well.  She's such a braniac! :-)

My third daughter, Katie, is a freshman in high school.  My youngest daughter, Emily, is in 7th grade.  She just got braces a few weeks ago, and is finally used to them and doesn't talk about them all the time any more. :-)  She's also about to finish up her season in volley ball for her school team.

Lastly, my son, Trevor, is soon to be a daddy!  His wife, Katie, (that gets confusing some times!) is due on July 11, and is having a baby girl.  They are going to name her Lia.  I'll be sure to share pictures of her when she gets here.

The Larsens have officially entered "birthday season."  Starting with Jessica in mid April, we have birthdays every two weeks until early June.  Jessica is mid April, as you've heard in the most recent podcast, my wife's birthday is early May, Emily is mid may, and Katie is early June.  I included a special song in the most recent podcast that my wife sort of wrote.  She created some lyrics that she put to a familiar tune.  Jason Jones then mixed it and created an awesome version of "Do Your Pants Hang Low" - in case you missed it, here are the lyrics:

Do your pants hang low, does your butt-crack show?
Can you feel it when the cold winds blow?
Do you waddle 'cross the street like a duck with webbed feet?
Do your pants hang low?

Even though I've heard the song dozens of times, I still laugh almost to the point of crying every time I listen to it.  If you haven't heard it, download Show 137 right now! and give it a listen.  Let me know what you think.

New Show And New Goodies


(My missionary daughter starts almost all her emails with "Aloha!" so I thought I'd try it out.) :-)  I am trying to get back in the habit of updating the website at least on a weekly basis, so I've got this week covered!

If you've listened to Show 131, you know that I'm giving away four different CD's right now.  If you haven't listened yet, WHY NOT?  Click the "Download The Show" link to the left and give it a listen.  Anyway, I am currently offering two CD's by Jenny Phillips ("Sabbath Morning" and "Arise and Shine Forth"), one by Chris Hartwell ("Racing and Retracing"), and one by Stephanie Mabey.  The CD by Stephanie is one I picked up at her concert a couple of weeks ago.  The CD is a special mix tape created and signed and decorated by Stephanie and her purple sharpie.  It contains several tracks from her upcoming album "Wake Up Dreaming."  If you'd like to win one of the CD's I mentioned, use the Contact Me link and let me know which CD you'd like to win.  I will be choosing winners for each CD in a few weeks.  If you win, I will email you and ask you for your mailing address to send the CD to.  In the case of "Racing and Retracing," you will win a digital download and not a physical CD.

As you heard in my "public service announcement" in the show, Valentines Day is less than a week away, so you'd better be sure to get your sweetie something special for Valentines Day.  I heard a funny line several years ago - remember to tell your sweetie how much you love her before someone else does!

For those that are interested, you can follow my daughter's missionary adventures on her blog here - I update it each week with the emails I receive from her.  If you like writing to missionaries and/or sending care packages, her address is:

Hermana Jessica Larsen
Chile Osorno Mission
Casilla 7-0
Osorno, Chile

She loves getting letters and emails.  If you want to send her an email, just send it to me and I'll forward it on to her.  Jessie's best friend is also serving a mission in the Peru Lima West mission, and I manage her blog as well.  It can be found here.

Thank you for your support of the podcast!  And if you like the show, tell your friends about it, even if they're not members of the Church.  As you know, the show caters to all types of musical tastes, and it's not all just Sunday morning easy listening music (although I often create such shows.)  The podcast may be a way for you to introduce the Church to a friend and show them that Mormons have diverse tastes in music.

Have a great week!  And come back 2/13 for a new show!

Happy New Year!


Wow, it's been a while since I updated the news here. I hope everyone had great holidays. I was unfortunately sick over Thanksgiving, which made us change our Thanksgiving day plans. We were supposed to go to visit family about an hour north of us, but since I was sick, it was just our little family of 5 (who are currently home.) We were able to get together for Christmas and New Years with our other family members, so that was a good thing. The most exciting thing about Thanksgiving was a phone call I received from my son in Georgia. He called to let me know his wife is expecting - so I'm gonna be a grandpa in July! How cool is that?

On Christmas day, we were able to Skype with my oldest daughter who is currently in Puerto Montt, Chile in the Chile Osorno mission. We send emails back and forth on Mondays, but seeing her and talking to her, even though it was on a computer screen, was quite awesome! She is extremely excited to be serving a mission, and has been having positive experiences. Being in the southern hemisphere, she is now into summer - she said last week it got all the way up to 82! :-) Her mission is the most southern mission in Chile. In fact, in one of the cities where the elders work, they see penguins occasionally.

You may have noticed that there are more shows available now - I'm keeping the 8 most recent shows available instead of just 6. So, if you missed a show that you really wanted to hear (like the four Christmas shows), they will be available to download a little longer. After the last Christmas show, I took a little time off, and just released the first show of 2012 this past Monday. Be sure to give it a listen!

I've got Show 130 in the works and hope to have it out on Monday - there will be a couple of exciting new songs that we'll hear on this show. Be sure to come back and give it a listen. Have a great week!

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