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Frogley, Jenny Jordan - Jenny Jordan Frogley

CD Review
Jenny Jordan Frogley
Highway Records

With Jenny Jordan Frogley's self-titled solo debut on Highway Records, the bar has been raised for all musicians in the LDS pop, and even in the national contemporary Christian market.

Thirty-seven year old Frogley, who also produced the album and wrote several of the songs, is the quintessential vocalist.  A studio vocalist, performer, and music director for several years, she can be heard on nearly every LDS album for the last five years, not to mention local and regional commercials.

Jenny has a powerhouse of a voice that can switch effortlessly between Kelly Clarkson-style belting (with even cleaner licks), studio backups, and full-blown classical capable of handling complex and difficult music like Handel's The Messiah.

On her self-titled debut, Jenny also flexes her incredible songwriting and producing muscles.  Nearly every song on this album could compete easily with any national-caliber song receiving radio play.  It seems as though executive producer Tyler Castleton and Highway Records really gave Jenny the freedom to do what she wanted to with the album.  The style on this CD ranges from the rock/pop Peacegiver to the lush ballad Never to the reggae Sweet Love to, by far,  the funkiest cover of Shining Star I have ever heard.  Frogley's voice is flawless on each and every track and style she tackles.

The vocal harmonies are complex and dense, but very listenable, and with the exception of a few tracks, performed entirely by Frogley herself.

This is the kind of album that any parent should feel entirely comfortable giving to their teenagers who love listening to less-appropriate material on the radio.  The music on this album could easily compete with anything available on the radio today, but has the added benefit of not being heavy-handed or preachy. With Frogley's album, at last, the folks at Highway Records have finally created a product that is primed for the national stage.

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