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Gledhill, Mindy - The Sum of All Grace

CD Review
Artist: Mindy Gledhill
Album: The Sum of All Grace

Review by Ellis Hadlock

Mindy has a wonderful vocal style and it sure is evident on this CD. Her
voice expresses... emotion, sincerity, conviction, and grace. That's right,
that sums it all up, with grace.

I also enjoy her vocal articulation, since I can understand pretty much
every word she sings.

Although her vocals are a strong presence (volume too) on most of the songs,
the background accompaniment blends so well on each song.

It doesn't hurt to have the talents of Kenneth Cope (producer, guitar), and
Dustin Gledhill (piano, vocals).

I truly like every song on this CD, so I have to give it a 5 out of 5

So, if you would like an album that is consistently mellow, thoughtful, and
inspiring... I would recommend to buy it.

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