Donate To LDS Music Today

Donate to LDSMT

LDS Music today is a not-for-profit venture paid for directly by the host, Steve Larsen. Expenses for this podcast include the following:

  • Hosting Fees for the website
  • Domain name registration
  • Bandwidth and hosting space for the podcast
  • The music played on the podcast

In addition, we have future plans to get licensing from ASCAP and BMI to allow us to play music from pretty much anybody we want to, rather than just those who have submitted music and/or their record labels. Plus, doing this will put a little extra money into the pockets of the artists.

So, we're looking for just a little help with these costs. Donations are accepted via Paypal or check. Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated, but a donation of $10 a year would be greatly appreciated. All funds donated will be used directly on LDS Music Today.

To donate via a check or money order, please mail your donation to:

Steve Larsen
6140 S Gun Club Rd, Ste K6-226
Aurora, CO 80016

To donate via paypal, please use one of the Paypal donate buttons below.

Thank you for supporting this show!

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