Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical questions

Q: How do I listen to this podcast?
A: The simplest way to listen to this podcast is to download it directly to your computer via the download link found in the menu bar to the left. If you have a music player that supports it, you may also subscribe to the Podcast, and your computer will automatically download the new version of the show when it becomes available.  The URL for the podcast feed is or you can cut and copy the feed URL from the XML button on the homepage .

Q: What do I use to listen to the podcast?
A: The LDS Music Today podcast is created in the standard MP3 format. Any software, operating system, or device which can play MP3s can play this podcast. (That's pretty much all of them).

Q: What players will allow me to subscribe to LDSMusicToday?
A: Any music software that can read RSS feeds should be able to automatically update the podcast on your machine. There are only a few music players that I'm aware of that will do this. A popular choice is Apple's iTunes . iTunes will check the podcast each time it boots and will download it automatically. If you've got an iPod, it will also automatically sync the podcast to your device the next time you connect it if you've set the software to do so.

There are also websites such as Yahoo's podcast service, Odeo, Podcast Pickle, Podnova, etc. that will allow you to subscribe to podcasts.  For more information about a specific service, please join the e-mail list and ask there. People are more than willing to help out.

Music questions

Q: Where can I download a song I heard on the show?
A: This depends on the artist. Most musicians are not in the habit of giving away their work for free. Listen for website addresses after a song has played, or look it up in the show notes on the website. If the artist has free downloadable music, you'll be able to find more information there. If they don't, you'll need to purchase their music. Each artist handles their album sales differently. The URLs provided in the show notes should let you know how to get their music. Please do not ever download or trade music illegally. Not only is it illegal, but also dishonest. Show these musicians you support their work by purchasing their music.

Always make sure to check the Show Notes for links to purchases and iTunes purchases.  Purchasing music through these links gives a small (usually 5%) kickback to LDSMT to help cover the podcast's operating costs.

Q: Can I request songs?
A: Yes. Just send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please don't be frustrated if I don't play the song right away. I usually only play six songs per week. Also, I may not have the requested song in my catalog.

Q: How can I submit songs?
A: There are two ways to submit music to LDS Music Today for consideration:

If you are interested in submiting music for the Podcast, here's what you need to do:

1. Encode your songs as MP3s (192kbps preferred)

2. Make certain the that file name is in the following format: Artist Name - Album Name - Track Name.mp3. If there is no album name, just skip that part of the naming convention.

3. Attach each song to its own e-mail that contains the name of the song, artist/group, credits for musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, arrangers, album name, website addresses, upcoming performance dates, etc. Any information that you think would be of interest to the public or to me as the DJ, include it.

4. Send each individual e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The easier (and preferred) way of getting your music on the show is to mail CDs to me.  You can mail CDs of your music (with liner notes and/or songwriting and musician credits to:

LDS Music Today
c/o Steve Larsen
6140 S Gun Club Rd Ste K6-125
Aurora, CO 80016

Show Questions

Q: Where do you record the show?
A: I record the show in my home in Aurora, Colorado. I record on a Samson C01U studio microphone into my Sony laptop, using GoldWave 5.13 to capture and mix the audio files.

Q: How can I contact you/make suggestions/get involved?
A: I'm always looking for people who want to help, make suggestions, or just let me know they're listening to the show and enjoying it. The easiest way to get involved is to join the e-mail list.   You can also e-mail me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: Can I advertise on the podcast?
A: No. This is not-for-profit program. The only advertising space I sell is on the website. Visit the advertising page for more information.